The talented artists who can sculpt digitally…

It amazes me how these artists are able to take Karen’s drawings and turn them into 3 dimensional characters.

I can tell you from experience…it is NOT easy. I would have saved tens of thousands of dollars had I been able to do this. Really.

I’m going to try and find these guys’ pages to link to. But in the meantime. I just hope you enjoy seeing the work they put into these characters.

On another note…

Thank you guys SO much for all of your support. All day long I got messages and posts on this blog saying you’d wait.

I really appreciate that.

The truth is. I don’t want to wait…ha ha.

I LOVE seeing these pages go up. I love hearing your reaction to the story.

The whole story…all 24 chapters has been plotted out for over 6 years now. The writing is easy.

The art…not so much.

But these characters really write themselves. They’re alive now. The world they live in has rules and history…it’s just a dream (excuse the pun) to work with them.

Anyways. What I’m saying is…I want you to read Chapter 13 sooner rather than later.

Yes…my life is hectic. Who’s isn’t?

Yes the comic is free. But you know what? THat doesn’t mean I can’t be professional about it.

I’m working hard and I will be working on the first pages next week. It should be fun.


Oh…and another update…

There are more paintings up on Ebay. For those of you who like to purchase original art.

And if you didn’t know…I’m donating a percentage of all the sales to the CHildren’s Diabetes Fund.  So you can feel good that you’re helping kids out as well.


Here’s the links.