This concludes Karen’s section of the Making of.

Also…I wanted to let you all know. I AM getting your emails.

I AM getting your guest pages and pin-ups. And I AM absolutely thrilled.

My father went into the hospital AGAIN today. So despite my best efforts to reply to my hundreds of emails in my inbox…I’ve lost another day.

Please be patient.

On the GOOD NEWS side of things.

i DID finish writing chapter 13. I’m REALLY happy with it.

I plan on starting the layouts and hopefully next week…actual pages.

This would mean we’re still on pace for seeing new pages within a few weeks.

I won’t need to finish chapter 13 (which is EPIC!…and also about 100 pages) before I start putting pages up daily again.

It all depends on your thoughts.

Would you rather I work for an extra few weeks on getting Chapater 14 ready? Or…get Chapter 13 out ASAP…and there might be a pause between chapters again?

I’m open to suggestions.



Thanks all for your patience. And please…if you still haven’t…drop me some fan art, guest strips, etc.