Hey all!

So tomorrow….back to DREAMLAND!

Dont’ miss it.


Also…I wanted to point out two things.

1) This was page 100 of chapter 14. Can you believe that?

It’s been 100 pages since I started this chapter. You remember? After I injured my back?


Only 63 more pages to go until the end of this chapter…and book 4.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

I think book 4 will be the greatest book to date of the series. Even though there’s no kissing in it.



2) I have been working with my wife, Donna, to try and get the advertising worked out.

We have SO much traffic that we needed to sign up with Openx to handle the advertising.

The problem is…we need to start TARGETING what YOU guys want to see.

I know it’s silly. But wouldn’t you rather see ads that appeal to you than ones that ANNOY you?

Yeah…me too.

So…please scroll down to the post below called Tell us what you like… or…just click the title.


So while it may no seem like much. You’re supporting us by doing this.

So thank you all! And see you tomorrow.