Happy Monday all!

So…some new things on the site over the weekend.

1) I moved the links up to the top bar.

2) Tyler gave us a nice ARCHIVE!

Click the link on the menu bar. And click the PICTURE to start reading that chapter.

OR (and here’s the cool part)

Click the TITLE of the chapter and see THUMBNAILS of EACH PAGE!

Personally I’d prefer it if there was EVERY thumbnail of each chapter on ONE page. But with some chapters reaching over 160 pages…it just doesn’t seem feasible.

3) We’re moving the JUKEBOX to the menubar as well. So you can click it. It’ll pop up as a seperate window…and you can listen while reading through the archive.

4) Advertising.

You may have noticed. I got rid of a couple ads. And added a few more.

We no longer have the top and bottom Project Wonderful ads.

I’ve replaced them with ads from our ad server.


I’ve added button ads just below the comic. I think they’d be high visibility for people on a budget.


I need to add some Banners for anyone who wants ’em.

And we still have to work on a few more things.

But the site is almost complete with the overhaul.


Other than that…

What are your guys’ thoughts on the FORUM?

We’ve had it for a couple years. And it’s wonderful. But I get more comments a day on the site than I do on the Forum in a week.

So…should I still keep it? Or is the new comments section enough for you all?


And finally….

I’ve set up an OPENX account. So my ads are running through that.

If anyone has experience with running servers like ADSDAQ, Tribal Fusion, and such through OPENX and how that works…I’d love to ask some questions.

Thanks…and hope you enjoy this week!