Howdy all…

Well…we’re back in Dreamland again!

Let’s see how things go with Felicity.

I think you’ll enjoy it.


In other news…

I set up advertising specific for those of you in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you guys in those regions can do me a favor…

If you see ads…check them out and see if they’re specific to your country. Just so I know they’re working.



And also..

I got to speak to two of the actors who are interested in the Dreamland Chronicles movie.

Great news…they’ve actually READ the comic and love it!

They love that you guys are so passionate…and that you’re so involved.

I had such a wonderful time speaking to them both and really do hope we can work together.

IS It’s one thing to have a movie done based on your book (awesome)…but it’s something completely on a whole other level to have a movie with actors and actresses who actually LIKE the book.


I can’t say more. But I promise I will announce it here as soon as everything’s final.

And for the record…I DID ask them to come by here and say “Hi” if/when they sign on to do the movie.



That’s it for now.

Thanks all…and see you tomorrow.