Hey all!

Well…we made it past our first day of 1st grade!

They were all ready to go. Our little Alexander and Daniel’s in the making. Dressed and happy with their Clone Wars backpacks and new shoes.

Once we got in the halls…the were RUNNING to their new classes where they met their teachers.

Really nice teachers too. They’re in good hands.

Our “Boo Hoo” breakfast went off without any tears (I’m proud of you Donna).

And we got SOME work done before it was time for the boys to come home.

Thanks all for the encouragement and kind words.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And for those of you who REALLY wanted me to win that TGT tournament and do another podcast…here’s the link.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you again…and see you on Monday!

PS. We start the week in the lab. Ready to head back to Dreamland.