Happy Monday all!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Logan is feeling better. Hopefully he’ll be going to school today.

He missed school…which is great.


I wanted to let you know…we’ve been asked to do a REVOTE for the TGT tournament they’re holding.

As I mentioned before…I’d love for Mike Prokopt to win. I think he’d make a great guest again on the podcast.

But we had SO many votes for me to return…I can’t discount that.

So…as of 8am EDT voting will be up for 24 hours.

You can vote hourly.

Please don’t cheat. For those of you who know how. One vote per person is fine.



Other than that…I’m migrating everything over to a new workstation. And I still have 300 emails I have to reply to in my inbox. Ugh.

I’m SO sorry to all of you who I haven’t replied to yet. I will do this.

I will clean my inbox out.

Thanks for your patience.