Hey all!

It’s the boys’ first day of 1st grade today.

I’m taking Donna to “Boo Hoo” breakfast this morning (after we drop the boys off of course).

This will be our 3rd annual “Boo Hoo” breakfast. It started with pre-school.


I think Donna will be fine. And the boys couldn’t be more exited to start school.


In other news…I made contact with one of my BEST FRIENDS from Elementary School yesterday (thank you Google). We haven’t spoken in almost 30 years. It was like NO time had passed. It was so amazing.

I can’t wait to get together and hang out with my old pal…and I was just so blown away with how cool it was to talk to someone I spent so much time with as a kid. I really missed him.

So that’s cool…right?



And lastly. Thanks all that have been voting for me on Top Webcomics and TGT. You guys are great.

I’ve not been putting the links up for a couple reasons.

1) I just wanted to give you all a break from it all.

2) I kind of want Mike Prokopt to win. I was listening to their recent podcast…and he seems like a really nice guy.

So…we’ll see. There’s still a few more days left. I may change my mind later…ha ha.


Oh. We’re still working up shipping costs for the Sketch Cards. So I’ll let you know how that’s coming along too.


Thanks all!




No…we NEVER get to read what’s in that letter. So you all know.

Sorry…as Orion stated…it’s for “Dan’s eyes only”.