Happy Monday all!

Hope you had a great weekend. We spent Saturday morning doing the annual Franklin on the Fourth festival in beautiful downtown Franklin, TN. The kids got hot dogs and lemonade and such. Was a nice day.

I was able to get through a LOT of emails. I’m down to 176 emails left to reply to. It’s been tough getting back to all of you as the emails piled up to over 700 emails in my inbox during my time off with my spine injury. So thank you to those who’ve been patient in waiting for me to reply to your emails. I’m almost caught up.

I had an idea for a Felicity desktop image. One where she’s being both sneaky and sassy.

Here’s what I came up with. Hope you like it.

Just click the image below. Vote. and you’ll see it.

For those of you EARLY BIRDS who click on this and it’s last week’s desktop. Give it an hour or so. I don’t know when TopWebcomics updates their days. But usually by 7am CST I see it fine.

Oh…and those of you who wanted to see the Nastajia desktops…they’re on my DA site. Just click here…

Other than that. I’m working hard this week at getting enough of a buffer that there will be no interruptions during my trip to Chicago for the ALA and of course the week after going to San Diego for Comic Con.

Should be fine. Just one more week until Chicago.

I should be getting the trading cards and posters in this week. I’ll post pics as I get them.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy this week’s pages and thank you as always for posting your comments and for your votes and for everything else.