Hey all.

I want to first say thank you to my VERY good friend Stefano Tsai! You know Stefano as the guy who does the beautiful environments for The Dreamland Chronicles.

Well a couple weeks ago…I realized I hadn’t made the Medicine Bag yet. And needed it. THE NEXT DAY!

I emailed him some pictures and he WHIPPED THIS UP that night.

Yes. He’s THAT awesome!

To see more of Stefano’s genius….check out his site…

Also. I would like to everyone one Twitter who helped me come up with Bahta Alikchi. Especially @luksicreations who is from theย Choctaw Tribe.

Supposedly Bahta Alikchi means Medicine Bag in the Choctaw language.

It’s so cool learning these things. And hopefully giving some reverence to the past. And some reality to my story. Thanks all!

The cool Felicity desktop is still up. Should be up all week. Please feel free to vote daily. Though the way 2kinds and Phoenix Requim are going. I dare not hope to catch up to them…EVER!

Too much mojo for me.

Hope you’re enjoying this week. And I think you’ll like where this is going.