Happy 4th of July all (a day early).

Hope you have a wonderful (and safe) weekend.

As you can see…Alexander is learning a bit. He’s growing up.

Don’t worry. He’ll still be loveable and carefree. Just what Nastajia needs in her life.

But he does need to focus. To “man up” as we say.

And this is his first big step.



I wanted to thank you all for the votes the last 2 days. You’ve propelled us into the number 3 spot. ANd I think we’ll be OK for a few weeks in the top 10.

Here’s today’s vote incentive.

Honestly…I didn’t have time yesterday to create new art. So I used some of the images from my new backdrop. I thought it might be fun.

Hope you like it.


As for the rest of the whole TopWebcomics thing. I think you’re right. Most people (90% it seems) just read the comic…then move on. They don’t even know the rest of the site exists.


But on the flip side…

While we’ve got some new readers from being in the top 10….our traffic hasn’t increased one bit from it.

So while I may update the incentive once a week…I don’t think it’s worth all the extra effort to do it DAILY.

Do you?

Let me know your thoughts. And I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks pages.

I think they were very powerful pages and critical to the growth of our heroes.

Have a wonderful weekend. And thank you (you 10% of my readers you) who stop by here every day and say hi. I love the comments. ANd love interacting with you all.