Happy Friday everyone!

I guess when I was gone…I forgot that a new month was starting. So if any of you are inclined…

Please feel free to vote for us at Top Webcomics.

As crazy as it seems…we still get hundreds of hits a day from this site. Even though we don’t update vote incentives.

So thank you all who vote…even when I don’t mention it.


It’s good to be back. I’m writing my next book (Animal Crackers) and should be done by Monday. Yay!

Then on to more Dreamland. I just love working on Dreamland.

I’m making the cover art for Book 4. Can you believe this?

They need the art for next year’s book. I have no idea what to do.


I’ll post images as I make ’em.

Anyways. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. And see you all on Monday!