Well…we did it.

It took us 4 weeks. 10 days of it rain. 6 days of it vacation. But we started this sucker a month ago…and FINALLY finished building it.

That’s how we spent our Saturday. Building the rock wall, swings, ladder, and slide.

But it’s done.


Now…for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter…I’ve said many times…I am NOT a “handy” man.

I don’t like working with tools. Fixing things around the house. I just don’t.

So this was a REAL labor of love…ha ha.


The boys have been enjoying it for two days now. They call it “the Brother Club”.



Also…you might notice that today’s colors are more blue. WHereas yesterday’s colors are more magenta.

I decided I wanted these scenes to feel more like it’s coming to nighttime. So…I’ll go back and redo Friday’s page.


Hope you have a great day. And see you all tomorrow.