Hi all!

I’m back. We’re back.

We had a great time. I took some pictures on my phone to show you.

We took most of the pictures with my wife’s camera. I may bore you later on with those.


We flew out on Friday early morning (7am) and got in at 10am to Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Unfortunately…2 of our bags didn’t make it. TSA was checking them out…and they missed their flight.

Now we had a 2 hour drive to Marco Island (the other side of Florida) and now had to wait 5 hours for the next flight. Yikes.

We went and had pizza at my favorite pizza place ( Antonios Pizza in Miramar, FLA).

Picked up stuff for the trip at Target. Took the kids to a playground…and did whatever we could to pass the time.

We finally made it to Marco (after a fun drive through Alligator Alley), and checked in to our hotel.

Here’s a view from our balcony.

The shells there were incredible. I went one morning early and got these…

After a couple days in Marco…we went to Sanibel Island.

It was pretty. Very nice shells.

We also saw a stingray, some dolphins, and a hermit crab.

Very exciting for 6 year olds.

But we soon realized we’d had too much sun and water. We needed something different.

So we changed plans and headed to Orlando. Only a 3.5 hour drive north.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This was our view from our balcony there…

It was a blast. Animals walking around out your window day and night.

I’ll give more of a report later this week or next. But just wanted to say we’re doing great. Happy to be home…

And can’t wait to work on Dreamland some more.

Thank you guys for coming back each day. I’d log in when I could to check messages and comments.

So glad you’re enjoying the pages. Hope you continue to enjoy this fun chapter.

And thanks for letting me take a few days off to be with family.