So now we’re back to Alex.

I think eventually I’ll put a “meanwhile…back at the dorm…” caption at the top left.

With so much going on here…I’m afraid I may be missing some key things. But surely they’ll be added when we put these pages together for Book Four.

Speaking of which. I got The Dreamland Chronicles Book 3 in yesterday. FINALLY.

I think it looks great (if I’m allowed to say that)!  It matches well with the first two books…and I haven’t found any errors…yet.

Which leads me to this…

Regardless of where you purchased your books…

If you’d be so inclined. I’d LOVE it if you guys would start adding reviews and ratings to any of my books up on Amazon.


And if you have any of our Kids graphic Novels…

I’ve been noticing that while we’ve gotten some great reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal and such… I think customer reviews are very helpful ( I rely on them a lot when buying things online) and for better or worse (if you don’t like something about the book…PLEASE feel free to say so in your review) I think it’d be nice if we got a few dozen reviews per book.

If you all have the time.



Yesterday we had issues with Brendan. He got sick and was vomiting all day. So I feel that I didn’t spend any time on today’s page. So please…if you see something. Let me know. I’m a bit self conscious about it.

Oh…and thanks for the votes on TobWebs. I think one more day and I won’t mention it again for another month.

Thanks all for the advice via twitter and facebook yesterday. We did wind up getting some vanilla icecream for him and some saltine crackers. Hopefully by this morning he’ll be OK to go to school again.

Hope you have a wonderful day