Fun stuff…

These two are much closer to Donna and I than Alexander and Nastajia. We fight. We tease. We…well…we’re Italian. We’re loud and obnoxious sometimes (Donna WAAY more than me…ha ha).

So they’re definitely more fun to write sometimes. But honestly…I like all of these relationships (we’ve gotta find someone special for Paddington I think….one day).

Oh…and I got a new toy in the mail.


He’s 12 inches tall…lights up…and has all of the rockets, air brakes and such and is just really cool.

I ordered him from Ebay almost a year ago…and it FINALLY came in. Me and the boys were “flying” him around last night after dinner. We had a blast.

They love that Daddy gets cool toys too (mostly I think because I’ll play with them…and they EVENTUALLY get to play with them too).

Anyways. Fun…and wanted to share.

Here’s the link to Top Web if you guys are so inclined to vote again.


Thanks again for yesterday’s votes.


Hope you’re having a great day and thank you all for the encouragement each day.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the comments every day, the emails, the twitters, the posts on facebook, DA, and the forum.

You guys are so special to me and my family and we all want to thank you again for coming by every day.

See you tomorrow.