Well…we’re already into March. Wow.

In 18 days we’re done with this chapter. It’s been a big one.

It started in September…and it’s included everything from a big fight between Dwarves and Nicodemus to discovering Nicole’s connection to Dreamland.

We’ve met Centaurs and seen Dan and Nicole get closer.

I can’t wait to end this chapter and start working on Chapter 14.

Which leads me to this…

I’m going to need to take another break between chapters. I have a feeling…as the story starts to escalate…I’ll need to do this between each chapter.

Take into consideration the amount of other books I’m putting out for IDW and the dealings with my company and Hollywood…it’s best that I reorganize between chapters.

We’re 2-3 weeks away from this…but I thought you should know.

Also…being the first of the month…if you’re so inclined…you can vote for us to keep us in towards the top.


I wish I had something new to post for vote incentives…but honestly I just find it more interesting to show you in the blog.

We got some snow yesterday…we had a blast playing in it. (the boys really…I mostly took pictures).

I start Physical Therapy for my back this week. But other than that…I’ll just be working as usual.

I hope you enjoy this week and we’ll see you back in Dreamland in just a few more days.

Be patient.