Well we’re back in Dreamland.

Sorry again for being a bit “off” this week.

Now that the back injury is feeling better from the steroid shot…

I’m having heart issues. My blood pressure is up to 159 over 110. It’s crazy.

So I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s the last couple days. Donna’s picked up some meds for me that should lower my blood pressure until the effects of the steroids wear off.

It’s been a bit scary…and I’ve only had a couple hours a day to work on pages…but somehow have managed to get these pages up every day.

I just think they might need a bit more tweaks when I get some more time.


I’m fine. Really. Just quite pre-occupied with heart palpitations and doctor visits. But it SURE beats the pain I was in the last 3 weeks from the spine injury…ha ha.


As I mentioned yesterday…

If you have a moment…leave a customer review, ratings, and/or tags and such on Amazon.

I think it’ll help new readers who are buying the first 3 books.


And if you have any of our Kids graphic Novels…


Thank you all again. And hope you’ve enjoyed today’s page.

Can you believe tomorrow’s page will be page 850??


How time flies…