Hi everyone….

We all survived the circus yesterday. My parents and the boys went and had a great time.

Donna and I spent the two hours together having lunch and wandering Nashville.

I got to go to the art store and pick up some new watercolors.

I’m going to be doing some portraits for http://www.talkaboutit.org/

It’s a charity for Epilepsy. I’ll post more once I actually start them.

But if anyone has access to high res pictures of the cast of Heroes…that would really help.


Also…you may have noticed I didn’t update the Jukebox last night. I’ll get to it today I hope.


We got a nice review of Hyperactive by Kris Bather over at Extra Sequential.

Check it out…

Thanks Kris!


And lastly…I was a guest on Fanboy Radio last night. It’s a live show. So if you missed it…I’ll post when they have the recorded version up.

I hope you enjoyed reading…and I think we’ll have a fun week this week. So enjoy.