Hi everyone.

Doesn’t Felicity make this look easy?


I had a great time being on Fanboy Radio again on Sunday.

It just went live today. So here’s the link to anyone interested in listening.

We had lots of all ins. But we only had time for one caller. Drat.

My apologies to all of the callers who we couldn’t speak to.


A note. I was getting over that cold. So I’m a bit nasal.


Oh…and speaking of which. As you guys may or may not remember. We’ve been sick since THanksgiving. Just one thing after another.

Well I always get hit with nasal congestion. That’s my “thing”.

I’ve tried everything.


On Friday. I tried Zicam.


I’ve found my miracle drug. Though I don’t actually think it’s a drug.

It’s supposedly just zinc. It shoots a jet (kinda stings) up your nose. And literally in a minute…your congestion is gone.

It lasts 12 hours. Then in 3 days…your cold is completely gone.

I know I know. I sound like a commercial…ha ha.

But I have FINALLY found something that works…and I’m just pretty excited about it.

I hope there’s no nasty side effects or I don’t become immune to it.


Anyways. Enough talk about nasal congestion and such…ha ha.


I hope you enjoyed today’s page…and thanks for reading.

Scott (who’s breathing easy today)