Wow. Another week…gone.

This one has to top the “cute-o-meter” though. I think we all got some cavities from this week’s pages.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for the support. You are all wonderful.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I will see you all here on Monday.


My parents are taking the boys to the Circus in Nashville on Sunday. Donna and I are going to drive…then go have lunch and hang out while we leave my parents with two hyperactive 5 year olds surrounded by cotton candy and monkeys.

I have NO idea what will happen.

Donna and I have been on our own for so long…we’re really trying hard to “let go” and let someone else watch the kids. Even for just an hour or so. Maybe we can start going out to dinner or something on a regular basis. One can dream…

Anyways. Hope you have a great weekend (did I say that already?) and thank you for reading.