I really liked this page. It made me giggle.



I’m in Orlando, FL for the day. I had to leave at 6am and will be back at 7pm today.

Just a last minute “business” flight. I’ll let you all know if anything comes of it.


Really weird flying for business. I’m not used to the “day flying” thing. Just flying out for a day.

Oh well.


I hope you all enjoyed this week. It was a fun week filled with dancing and centaurs and such. I enjoyed making it.

I’d really like to get a bit of a buffer again. It’s quite stressful making a page knowing that it needs to be up in a few hours. This last week…each page has been done with just hours…or sometimes minutes to spare.

But they got done. And I’m happy with them. So all is well.


Thank you all for visiting with me this week. Thank you for all of your wonderful input. Feedback. Everything.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you here again on Monday.