Thank you all for the help yesterday on the setting up the “two left feet” punch line.

You guys rock.


In other news today…

Donna and I went Christmas shopping for ourselves today. It was odd going to a mall. Just the two of us.


I have to say. I’ve not felt so old before. Going into a place called “BELT” I think it was…I found a jacket I liked.

But the place was filled with 16-20 year olds with spiked hair and cool clothes and such. All the clothes were so….HIP!

I felt SO out of place. And if I picked out ANYTHING cool…Donna would say “You’re trying too hard!”


I wound up getting a jacket that I think is nice looking and young looking. But doesn’t make me look like “I’m trying too hard”.

It’ll get wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree for me from Donna and the boys.

She got a new watch…and on the way out…we picked up a SHAM WOW!


I don’t know if you’ve seen the commercials for these things. But Donna’s been intrigued by them for so long…we just had to pick them up for her.



So…that’s my story. I went shopping at a mall. Felt old. But got a jacket I liked.

Donna got a watch and a sham wow.

It’s not exciting…but it’s a good life.


Hope you guys had a good day as well.