Yes. I finally got to the punchline you guys had figured out 3 days ago.



I had a really hard time with that second panel’s text. It’s saying WHAT I want…but I don’t think it “flows” the way I want.

Any thoughts?


I noticed that we’re getting quite a few ads on our Project Wonderful ads (seen above and to the right (and even at the bottom of the page). These bids are getting quite high (not that I’m complaining)…but I feel compelled to ask you all to please check out these advertisers as you see new ads come up.

With the loss of ADSDAQ (one of our advertisers that got out of the webcomics business this week)…we sure do appreciate our advertisers all the more.


I’m trying to keep the ads PG. So if you see something that’s not something you’d see in a PG movie…please let me know and I’ll deal with it. But so far everything has seemed quite decent.


Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoyed today’s page.