What a day…

Last night (Saturday NIght) I had a bad headache. I don’t usually get them. My wife does.

So she gave me two of her Excedrine Migraines.

I awoke around 1am cold and shaking. I got some sweats, put on 4 blankets…but couldn’t stop shivering.

Then about 2 hours later…I got a fever.


It was miserable. I think I had a bad reaction to the Excedrine.

Anyone heard of this before?


I’m feeling a bit better tonight…but funny enough…I was worried last night I would be too sick to do today’s page. Ha!

Thankfully I got the page done in time…but in my quest to stay “professional” and not let personal problems dictate the schedule of my comic…I think I DO worry about it too much.


It’s not that I think you guys would leave me. I know you’re not like that. But I’ve always tried to be professional and on time in all of my years in games and comics and animation. It’s a character flaw.  I’m nuts about it.



Well I hope you enjoy today’s page and I hope I wake up feeling better. I have more pages to do!