Sorry for the cliffhanger again today.

As you all know…I write this as a book. Not as a webcomic. So the pages end as they need to for the book.


Thanks for the help yesterday too. Really appreciate all of your support.

You guys all help me to fine tune this story daily. Thank you all!


On another note…

I got SO many fan art pages when I took my break a couple months ago and while I’ve put everything into the book…some creators really were hoping to have you ONLINE readers see their work (and hopefully visit their sites as well).

That being the case…I’d like to introduce you to Michelle Vz and her guest page.

It’s a really great page…and I want to thank Michelle for her awesome guest strip.

Go visit her site (but be warned…some bad language and such…not for kids) and say HI.

Thanks again Michelle. Thanks for your talent and for your patience.