I have to confess….

Originally Nicole said “Ok…Come on! Get in Bed! We’ll do it Right Now!”

But while sexual tension is nice between boy and girl…this may have been a bit too overt.

So I changed it last minute…and I’m not sure if it works.

Also on this page…we had Alex going “Guys”….then a couple panels later….”GUYS!”

I also realized I did that at least once with Felicity when she first saw the dwarves…and I’m not sure if I’ve also used that another time as well.

So here I am. 10pm at night lettering this page…and thinking….”ACK!

Anyways. Bad excuses…ha ha. I’m not trying to make excuses…I promise.

Just thought this would make for good reading…


Hope you enjoy it. Imperfections and all. We’ll see how tomorrow pans out.