Happy Monday all…

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I had the boys all to myself this weekend (we called it “Boys Weekend”) while Donna was in Carmel, CA having a few days with family.

We watched movies, played games, and spent pretty much the whole weekend in pajamas. It was great.

But I really want to get caught up with pages as I’m going to be out of town for a week for Thanksgiving and want to make sure you guys don’t have any missed days (so far so good…don’t worry).

I also want to remind anyone in the Philadelphia area that I’m a Special guest of the Philcon convention.


Please come by…I’m going to have books and toys…and will be doing LOTS of panels.

And lastly…

Shiro made some OUTSTANDINGLY CUTE hats of Dreamland characters.

SHe’s selling these one of a kind hats on her Etsy store.

Some are already sold. SO scroll down and read more in the blog post below!

 The Dreamland Chronicles - Nastajis Character Hat - Long Ponytail The Dreamland Chronicles - Felicity Character Hat - No Brim The Dreamland Chronicles - Paddington Character Hat - Reserved


Thank you all…and I hope you enjoy this week’s pages.