How cool was that?

Ok. Now that you know what Merlin did for the last 10-20 years. How does the dates match up for you guys?

I got rid of 1386. According to what I’ve learned…any time after Erik the Red discovered the new world is cool. So I figure any time after 1000 AD?

The Beothuk tribes didn’t form (according to wikipedia) until 1500. So that could be a problem.

Come on smart people. Help me out here.


This is the fun part. I’ve been wanting to show you how this all ties together.

I hope youv’e been enjoying this sequence.

Next week…the dialog is just SO COOL!

Nicodemus and Arthur. So fun.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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I’ll be uploading even more over the weekend.

That last one was my attempt at a “sexy Nastajia”…ha ha

Don’t hate me. I was young and stupid (ok…it was only 2 years ago…but it was something to try).


Have a great weekend!