Hi all…

Feeling MUCH better today. Whew!

I’ve got a couple pages rendered. So I think we’ll be OK. For now at least.


Thanks for the well wishes of support.

I’ve been asked if I’ll be finishing up Gary the Pirate on Wowio…

The answer to that is…YES! I will try and get that up on Wowio in the next few days. Please stay tuned..and thank you for asking.

I’ll also recommend Ed’s Terrestrials and Pet Robots.

As I mentioned yesterday…Wowio will be getting more sponsors. So if you’ve used up your 5 free downloads…check back. They’re supposed to get a few more.

Coming up next for Wowio will be these fun books:

HyperactiveMagic Carpet

My Grandparents Are Secret AgentsCameron And His Dinosaurs

The Luckiest Boy

So exciting!