Hi all…

Again…my apologies for not being around much. We’re still dealing with some health and stress issues.

I have no buffer. So in the event of a page not showing up…please understand I’m doing my best under the circumstances.

On a positive note. We’ve printed out all of the prints ordered and they’re on their way to you.

So far we’ve heard that everyone loves them. So I hope those of you who will be receiving yours soon love them too.


I got a call from Kristin from Wowio yesterday who told me that they’re getting some more sponsors in.

This is great news as I have several new books I’d love for you to read.

I’ll be adding them very soon.

In the meantime…here’s a the books from yesterday.

Download them for free. Each one you download…Logic Wireless pays us $.25!

And finally…don’t forget to vote!