Happy Monday all!

I hope you had a great weekend!

This week is a FUN week in Dreamland. If you like Nicodemus and King Arthur, that is.


I like the dialog of this week. I like the reveal of the two personalities. And I hope you enjoy how this fleshes out Nicodemus’ motives and how Dreamland and the Nightmare realm work.

So cool.

You may notice some old characters from chapter 4 in the crowd. I just couldn’t afford to make new characters for these 2 panels. I’m hoping it’s not TOO noticeable.

But wanted you all to know I knew you might see it.



I updated the JUKEBOX!!

I have 6 new songs for you all!

The Frog Prince is from my new favorite group called KEANE. This is my favorite song on an album I REALLY like. I highly recommend picking it up.

Lazarus is a song I heard on Pandora (I love pandora) by a group called Porcupine Tree (where do they come up with these names?).

On top of the world is a great song by Jem.

Always by Plumb is a wonderful song of a new mother to her child. So sweet.

Breakable is from Ingrid Michaelson. I picked up her album too. Very good.

And finally… You get What you Give by the New Radicals is a bit old. But I’ve been enjoying it lately. A fun song.

Hope you enjoy.

Book Four is at IDW. Getting notes back this week. Then off to the printer.

I’ll have the store up this week. I’m working on it. (Thanks to my sister for the extra help.)

I hope you enjoy this week. And thank you for reading.