Hi all!

After 11 months of trying DESPERATELY to revive the old CGI models… I’ve given up.

I began working on Dreamland 13 years ago (right before my twin boys were born).

Since then, the 3D software, rendering, and technology has changed SO much that I am unable to continue working on the series.

For the last 11 months, I’ve paid out tens of thousands of dollars to other studios and artists in hopes of reviving the old models and scenes.

But no luck.

I’ve tried raising funds independently to create an all new (and updated) world of characters and places to finish the story.

But no luck.

On December 31, I posted an old fan art image Tracy Bailey had done for me back in 2007. It was an image I’ve always loved.

Tracy has worked on a couple of my children’s comics in the past (Gary the Pirate, Magic Carpet) and she has been super busy since.

On a lark, I thought I’d see if she was interested in doing another pin-up.


To my surprise… she actually offered to help out with the comic.



Thanks to Tracy Bailey… we will be FINISHING Dreamland’s last 200 pages for all to read.

For some continuity… Tracy will be starting at the beginning of Chapter 21.


She’s going to need a bit of time to build up a buffer to do 5 pages a week.

So new pages will begin FEBRUARY 15th!


This is a HUGE sacrifice of time and talent for Tracy. So please encourage her as she takes on this enormous task.


Also… I want to thank you ALL for your patience in waiting almost 2 YEARS while my life turned upside down (in a good way, mostly) with the Animal Crackers movie going into production.

We are only 6 months away from finishing the film. Yikes.


I can’t wait for you all (especially those of you who have been reading along from the beginning) to read the conclusion of this epic story that has taken up a good portion of my life.

Thank you Tracy. And thank you every one of my fellow Dreamers.