Welcome back to the Dreamland Chronicles!

As most of you may know by now, I have been unable to work with the CGI files for some time now.

Tracy Bailey will be taking over with the art duties to help finish the series.

Tracy and I have worked on several projects together and she is an amazing talent and a good friend.

I know the transition may be a bit off-putting for those of you who came here due to the unique 3D art I’ve employed for the last 13 years… but Ā I truly hope the STORY is what has kept you reading along.

For those of you wanting to see the original 60+ pages I had already created in CGI for Chapter 21… you can download it here:


Tracy is working diligently to update 5 times a week. So come back each day and let her know how much we all appreciate her effort.
As you may have noticed in the banners… we are now on Patreon. Yay.

Any money coming in from your monthly contribution will go towards the “Thank you Tracy Bailey for saving Dreamland” fund.


I am paying Tracy a per-page rate. So do NOT feel pressure to do so. This is just for those who have asked for me to set up a Patreon.

Thank you all.

Here’s to finishing the series!