Hi everyone…

Well…this is the last page of the Making ofs from Book 2.

If you enjoyed these…remember..they look really great in print. Lots more detail.

I’m just about done with writing chapter 14. It’s REALLY long. But Donna says it’s really good. So I hope you’ll like it as well.

I hope to start work on actual pages within the next week or two. I’ll of course keep you up to date.


I have to make new backdrops for my convention booths this year.

So I may start posting images from that to fill in until we get back to pages.


By the way….

I’ve still not heard from anyone regarding Anime conventions. I’ve had some suggestions (thank you)…but if any one has any pull at some of the larger cons….please let me know.

I know nothing about them. But had such a good time at MTAC…I’d like to look into some more.


Oh…and lastly.

I’m going to be making new backdrops. The kind where the images are printed on the material that rolls up into its own case. Have you seen them?

THey’re really cool. Does anyone recommend a particular company?

I want good print quality. I’ve seen good ones and bad ones. And of course don’t want to make the wrong decision.


OK. That’s it. I’ll drop by in the morning and join in the comments.

Oh…and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

I read that Ashton Kutcher got 1,000,000 followers last week.

I’m only 999,300 followers away. So it’s a pretty tight race…and I want to catch him by Tuesday if possible.