Hey all…

OK. So the “Making of Dreamland Chronicles” pages are over. There’s MUCH more in the books. But what you just saw (if you’d like to see them in print) is from Book Two.

Now…I’d like to show you guys some images I’m working up for these massive backdrop posters I’m making for this years conventions.

Here’s my thumbnail of what each poster will be. Sloppy…and probably confusing…but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I’ll be putting together.



I render each character out…and then put them all together in layers.

The size of these is HUGE. 21,600 pixels by 10,800 pixels.

So each of these character images are pretty darn big.

Plus..I can’t decide. So I’m doing multiple poses of each character. ACK!


Each day (we’ll go back to 5 days a week) I’ll post a new image. These are UNTOUCHED. So you’ll see some weird bending, folds, problems with the models that I usually paint out in PHotoshop.

I’ll clean that up in the final edit.

But thought you’d enjoy seeing some new images while I start preparing Chapter 14 for you.


Things are going very well. And my back is feeling SOOOO much better.

Still not ready to go out and try golf or anything…but I can work. I can sit. I’m 90% pain free.

I’m also not on blood pressure medicine anymore either. SO all is good.


Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes and advice. I’m so grateful to have you all here encouraging me. Thank you.


I’m doing my best to get back to the regular schedule and Chapter 14 ASAP. But as you, my wife, and doctor have all warned me…. “Don’t Rush it!”

But I figure giving you an update each day…even if it’s work in progress art for a poster…is better than just telling you guys I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Plus…I’d TOTALLY miss you guys.


So…come back each day…and you’ll see something new.

Thanks and see you tomorrow.




Some of you have offered to help me find a company that prints these backdrops. I’m looking for the RETRACTABLE BANNERS. I’m hoping for 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

My concern is the quality of printing (as well as cost of course).

I’ve had a few companies approach me at cons…but now I’ve lost their info.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks




Don’t forget TWITTER!

Only 999,260 to go to reach Ashton Kutcher.

My nemesis!