Happy Wednesday everyone!

The script for Chapter 14 is coming along well.

There’s a lot of dialog and talking in this one. I feel bad. Chapter 13 had a lot of fun action and twists and turns. This chapter ties up a lot of loose ends.

But…I hope you’ll like it.



In other news…

I wanted to remind everyone that I’m on Twitter.

Sign up…follow me. And say hi.

It’s easier for me to post here and there from my iphone if I’m in bed for my back. Or with the kids somewhere.

Typing on the computer is still too painful. So if you’d like updates on things…Twitter’s the place to go.



As you guys know…we have books on Amazon.

If you’ve purchased the books. From me, from the store, anywhere…

Please leave us some feedback on Amazon…and really ANYWHERE you see our books. It helps other readers or WOULD BE READERS to get an idea of what the story’s like.

I know I personally love reading people’s comments on something I plan to buy. And for better or worse…even if you hate my books. I want people to know. It’s only fair.

So click those links on the right side of the page for Amazon and leave some comments.


And finally…




Thanks again for your love and support. I’m working hard at getting better. Lots of Physical Therapy. Lots of good eating. Lots of bed rest.

I will be back in full form very soon. IN the meanwhile…thanks for stopping by.