Happy Monday all!

Today starts the first of about 3 weeks worth of “Making of” pages.

Hopefully by then I’ll be healthy enough to start posting pages of Chapter 14. But I’ll keep you updated in the meanwhile.

So…why page 14?

Because if you might recall…I posted 13 pages of Making ofs between chapters 12 and 13.


I’ll be posting 3 days a week. So please stop by M-W-F to see new pages.


Also…I updated the Jukebox!

It was time.

This time…I did mostly Electronic/Techno.

Some with a more Native American feel. Because I thought it went with the whole Centaur theme.

I hope you like.


And lastly…

We had not one…but FOUR of our books reviewed in the School Library Journal yesterday!


Thank you Snow for the wonderful reviews!


Have a great day all!