This is the last page of the Making of Series.

i hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Starting tomorrow…we have guest art. There are some spectacular pieces. So please check back 7 days a week for them. There’s a lot. Thank you all!

And to answer some of your questions…

I don’t work too much with some of the artists any more. They’ve moved on to bigger and better (and higher paying) jobs.

But some people like Karen, Ivan, and Stefano are still working with me. They are preparing the next 3 books.

Karen is designing the characters to finish out the books, Stefano the environments, and Ivan is modelling the characters.

Once I have everything…it’s pretty much me and my computers.

As you can see above…I take the assets these wonderful artists create and put it all together.

I guess if you were to look at it from a movie point of view…I’m the actors, the director, the camera man, the lighting person, etc. On top of the writer and producer.


But just like a movie…it’s NEVER a one man show. So my thanks to the over 20 artists who’ve helped me out over the years, the friends and family who’ve been encouraging me, and you guys.

Dreamland has become its own entity of sorts. It’s got a life of its own thanks to everyone involved. So thank you all.