Alright everyone. I’m starting up Chapter 13!

This is uncharted territory for me. I’ve only done 11 pages so far. Stefano is still working on some environments. And I’m finishing up 2 other books for IDW.

BUT…I’m SO excited about this chapter (the script is REALLY good…if I say so myself) that I’m going for it.

So starting tomorrow…we dive in.

I hope you like it.


I want to thank you all for sticking around these last few weeks while I got things together for the next half of the series.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who submitted guest pages, pin-ups, and fan fiction.

I know I only got to 12 pages…so I’m going to fill in the rest over the weekends. So everyone can see every guest page. They’re all fantastic.

This week is going to be SUPER stressfull…but hopefully everything will come together.

I am SO eager to see what you guys think of this chapter.


Can’t wait.

Hope you have a great week and thanks again for your patience.