Dad’s back in the hospital. Kids have colds. Still hundreds of emails left to reply to. Shipments to ship out. Hollywood issues. And so much more.

But you know what? Life is really good!

I love what I do. Family will get better (health wise). Money will come in. Emails will get replied to. Shipments will go out.

I have 15 books coming out this year. 15!!

I’m halfway through the Dreamland series. And I’m going to enjoy this time.

I hope you all appreciate all you have and enjoy NOW. Enjoy this time.

Life’s short and it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when it all piles up.

Find something you love and just appreciate it.

I’m doing that with family (first) and then Dreamland. One day…I’ll be done with it. I want to enjoy it despite all the horrid things going on right now.

I hope you guys can do that too. I hope Dreamland can in some way help. It still makes me smile.

I guess that’s all I can hope for. Right?


Thanks as always for sticking by during this time. And thanks for all the emails and comments. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the rest of the making of pages.


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