Hey all…
My apologies to those of you who’ve emailed me over the last couple weeks.
We’ve had family visiting for Donna’s birthday.
I’m trying to catch up now.

THere’s also a few orders I need to get to.
Thanks for your patience with this.

Things are moving along quite well here. And I’ll probably be doing a Livestream today or tomorrow (or both).
Feel free to come by and say hi.


You’ll know it’s live if you go to Twitter or Facebook and check when I’m doing it.

Plus…there won’t be a banner at the bottom saying “this is recorded video”


Oh! And check out the WONDERFUL drawing of Kiwi that Lar did for me!


Lar is the award winning artist for Least I Could Do and Looking For Group!

You can check out his work here…


I’m sure most of you who read webcomics know who Lar is. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him (thanks to Tracy Bailey for pointing out where he was) at Comic Con this year.

Then again at Baltimore. His wife Christie is the school teacher we did the Livestream for last week.

They’re both fabulous people…and actually read the comic.  Which is so cool.

Anyways. Due to the more “R” rated nature of LICD and LFG…I’m leaving the links out for the kiddos who might be reading.

The rest of you…you know how to find the sites.


Thank you so much, Lar! I’m so flattered.

I love her.