Sooooo….about that letter?

You know the LIFE CHANGING ONE????



OK….so I have a question for you guys…

We’re speaking to advertisers. And we want to target things YOU guys like.

SO we have a thread below….

If you have a moment…please post something that would help.


Also…and this is kind of weird to ask…

If ANY of you work for a company that might want to advertise…please have them contact us.

We’ve pretty much passed the limit of what your typical adbrokers are capable of handling.

In fact…they’ve only been able to fill up 30% of our page views. Yes. 6 adbrokers combined couldn’t handle the traffic.


So we’re learning the ropes of selling ads directly to corporations.


If you…or someone you know has SALES experience…and wants to help us out (and make some good money on commissions)…give me a shout.

Donna and I are eager to move on this.


Thanks all!