Well. Now you know. The medicine bag can carry a letter across worlds.

Though I loved all of your speculations over the last couple days…I hope you’ll enjoy where this ends up.

There’s a letter for Dan. Imagine how HIS mind will be blown.


Also…thanks for the ideas for the Trading Cards.

I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to do a series of Character sketches on the back. Both myself…and I’m going to ask my fellow artists to do some. And I’m going to post them on Ebay for you all for CHARITY.

I’ve decided to go with this charity as I feel it not only is a good one…but considering how many kids books I’ve been writing (along with Dreamland)…it compliments what I’m doing.

I’ll be going around (when I have time) and asking as many of my fellow webcomic and comic artists to do character sketches on the backs of the Dreamland Chronicles trading cards.

If you know any creators…let them know. It’s a worthy cause. And should be fun for you all too.

I hope you like the idea. I’ve been wanting to do this. I love doing charity work. And would love to see other creators do sketches of my characters. Add to that the value to you readers who I’m sure would love to see other artists’ sketches of Dreamland characters…and it’sΒ a total hat trick.



As far as what else I’ll be doing with the OTHER cards…

I think I’ll give out a pack of 10 FREE with each purchase of $40 at the con.

Does that sound fair?

I was considering MAYBE having some loose cards for $2 each?

Please let me know if I’m on the right track here.


And finally. I’ll work out a way to sell these cards to you all who can NOT come to this or other cons I’ll be attending.

I want to keep them priced low enough for everyone. But also don’t want to sell them so cheap that I’m doing 100 sketches for every order. Ha ha.

So please…let me know what to do. I’m up for anything.

I’ll fly to each country if I have to…ha ha. Just tell me.

Thank you again for a wonderful week. And I hope you’ve enjoyed these pages. I think they were a lot of fun.

See you on MOnday.