Hey all…

I hope today answers some more questions as to the relationship between Native Americans and Centaurs.

Again…I wanted to thank everyone for their opinions and information on Native American culture and how my words and comic can be viewed in different light by different people.

I hope today’s page sheds some more light on where I’m going with all of this.

It was not my intention to make a politcal statement about Native Americans. I (as many others before me) have simply just been fascinated by the culture and wanted to include that culture into my fantasy story.

So while I again openly welcome any and ALL comments on this site (and the forum)…please keep in mind that my interests go no deeper than a kid-like fascination with “Indians” and the noble people the Native Americans can be in literature, history, and of course…in Dreamland.

If you would like to discuss things in depth…please click on the Forum (link is on top) and go to the “CONTROVERSY CORNER” and start a post. Everyone there is really nice…and you all can argue for days.



And now…to the really cool part.

We got our TRADING CARDS IN!!!!!!



 I did some sketches on the backs of a couple (seen in the pic) to test it out. They’re great!

They’re thick. Glossy on the front. And have a wonderful SKETCH AREA on the back!


Now…the question is. How do I get them all to you???

I need your help.

I am bringing these to San Diego Comic Con.

I’d like to do something special with them.

SHould I do any of the following?

1) Give away X amount a day of a particular character?

2) Give out a pack of 10 for every purchase?

3) Raffle them?

4) Sell them individually?



Also…what about all of you who can NOT come to Comic Con?

I want everyone to get one. What do you suggest?

Help me here. I’m up for anything. These are just too cool to have to myself (Brendan and Logan got the first ones. They are doing their own sketches on the back).


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Oh. Also. I will be doing some more detailed versions for charity. I’m choosing the charity now. I’ll also be calling on my fellow artists to join in the fun.

So you’ll have a chance to bid on Dreamland cards with other artists work on them. SHould be fun.