Happy July 1st all!

As you guys may remember…we’re going to try to take first place on the Top Webcomics site.

So this week especially…I’ll be creating all new desktops for you.

I’m starting off with a Nastajia desktop.

Click the image below and vote to get it.

Now…the question is…WHO WILL BE NEXT?

Help me decide.

Major character? Minor character?

Hero? Villain?

I’ll make the desktop based on majority votes. So have fun and post your vote.

Please vote, though. Whether you want this desktop or not. It helps us get more readership…and it doesn’t cost anyone anything.


As you guys know by now…I don’t like to ask for much. I have no donations button. And I don’t even run the store any more (IDW does now).

But 900 pages in…I want to make sure we don’t hit a plateu with our readership. I want to keep bringing in new readers and never get lazy with this part of running a webcomic.

This is something you all can help with.

Anyways. Thanks for all the well wishes on Page 900. And let’s have some fun on our way to 1000…and beyond.

Thanks all!