Wow. What a powerful statement at the last panel.

A good one for our 900TH PAGE!

Don’t you think?


Thank you all for reading along. For your support in all things. For coming back each day.

I’d say I wouldn’t be doing this without you…but I’d be lying.

I’d still be doing Dreamland…all alone and miserable…but I’d still be doing it…ha ha.


But it’s SO much better with you all here. So thank you again.

Here’s to another 900 pages. RIGHT?



See you guys all tomorrow for the start of a new month…and we’ll start some vote incentives.

In the meantime. Feel free to spread the word of our 900th page. It’s kind of a big deal.

Not as big of a deal as 1000 will be. But that’s another 100 updates away. See you in 4 months for THAT one!