Hey all…

Another day. This 3 days a week thing is kind of hard for me to keep track of. I never know what days I’m updating. It’s so much easier 5 days a week.


Hopefully soon I’ll be back to my regular schedule.


I want to remind you all that IDW is handling my book sales now.

They have a store (if you can’t find the books in regular stores) as well as the toys too.

They’re putting some specials on too. So stop by…



In other news…

We got another mention the other day from the fabulous Brigid Alverson over at the School Library Journal.


I’m in wonderful company with the likes of Red String, Girl Genius, and Penny and Aggie.

Thanks Brigid!



Cameron and his Dinosaurs hit comic shops yesterday. I think they hit regular stores in a few weeks.

But it’s a whopping 176 pages of Dinosaurs vs. Robots. And lots of fun for kids.

Cameron And His Dinosaurs


And finally…

I met Colleen Doran in San Diego at Comic Con last year. She’s such a great person and an incredible talent.

She does the comic A Distant Soil (among many other projects).

Well she emailed me yesterday to let me know that A Distant Soil is now online.


Go take a look. She’s been working on this book for…um…I think 20 years now?

It’s epic.


It’s NOT kid friendly (it’s probably a PG to PG13 story) so please use proper discretion.



Have a wonderful weekend….and see you all on Monday!