Hi all…

Alexander “gets it” this chapter. I promise.

But please allow him the “obvious” questions. As I’m sure I and some of you would assume things would follow “movie logic” to some degree.


But as some of you suggested in comments…Alexander can only be “dumb” so long. And in this chapter. I tackle that. So hang tight.

I’m currently working on page 14. So I’m getting a good head start on this chapter.

I’m experimenting a bit with new textures on Paddington, a constant light source for Kiwi, and some other fun things.

Each chapter I like to improve in some ways from previous chapters.


I now have 800 followers on Twitter.

Only 999,200 shy of my goal for catching up to Ashton Kutcher.

We’re almost there!


Have a great day…and see you guys on Friday.