Ok…maybe I’m pushing this “consistency” and “professionalism” thing a bit too far.

For the last 4 weeks…as you guys know…I’ve been dealing with this back injury, and now this blood pressure problem (due to the steroid shot).

You may not know this…but I’ve spent most of the last 4 weeks either in bed…or in the doctor’s office.

Somehow I’ve been able to finish a page. In a lot of pain…but somehow I’ve been able to do it.

Last night…it came down to the wire. And I’m not only exhausted…but not particularly happy with the page.

So depending on how I feel today…I may have to miss a day.

And I hate it. After over 3 years of consistency…a hockey injury finally stopped me. And only a week away from finishing chapter 13.

I’ll chime in in the morning when I get up. But just wanted you guys to know what may happen.

I’ll let you know.

And as always…thank you all for your support and encouragement.



NOTE: I tweaked the last panel a bit. In case you were wondering.

I’ll see how I like it in the morning.